Meet The Team: New Manager Ben.

It’s time for us to reveal your new general manager – Ben Bamling! We sat down for a little chat with him so he can spill all the secrets of what it’s like to work in our pub in Bethnal Green.

Hello Ben! Thanks for taking the time out of what we can imagine is a very busy schedule… Tell us what do you do day to day?
Pretty much every day is different due to the lively social nature of the business (which is why I love hospitality). but ultimately it IS a business, so there’s lots of grown-up stuff that goes on behind the scenes as well… It’s safe to say i am NEVER bored!!

What aspect of your job do you like the most?
It’s the People. Simple as that.

Name three things you love about hospitality.
1. The satisfaction of others having a great time in your pub.
2. The type of people that choose to work in hospitality.
3. You’re always on the go.

What is your favourite drink and menu item?

Personally – I’m a pint and pork scratching kinda guy but I love making cocktails on the bar. They look and taste great, I’ve also tried some of our new kitchens menu items… so keep your eyes peeled for our announcement on that!

If you could only visit one pub for the rest of your life, which would it be?
It would have to be a pub called ‘The Plough’ in my home town. My best friends all still go there and it doesn’t matter how long I’m away – I always just pick up where I left off with everyone.

Tell us about a memorable encounter with a customer.
There are too many to mention, but if i had to pick one… it would be Nicole Sherzinger. She and I had a little lock in while she waited for her car. We sat at the bar drinking and discussing how she prefers vodka fresh lemon and soda rather than lime and soda, as it tastes more like lemonade and even better for weight loss. That’s definitely up there.

What’s the best thing a member of your team has ever said to you.
Drink after work? It never fails.

Describe our company in three words.

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