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Support An Independent Pub Day

Sat 10th Feb
12:00 pm - 2:00 am
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Support An Independent Pub Day

On the occasion of Support an Independent Pub Day, join us on Saturday 10 February to celebrate fantastic independent pubs.

Dry January once again occurred during an already precarious situation for independent pubs. 43.6% of wet-led pubs, bars and nightclubs have disappeared over the last 20 years. This trend is even more concerning for independent businesses.

With sky-rocketing operating costs, the only way treasured establishments like ours can thrive is with high footfall and customers visiting to spend money, even more so during the quietest period of the year.

This is why, with a group of great independent pubs and very supportive pub aficionados such as City Stack and London Pub Explorer, we have launched this special day.

Come along with friends and family to celebrate cherished community centres that work tirelessly to help millions of Britons fight loneliness and enjoy quality social time, as we do every day.

This special day aims to raise awareness on the disappearance of many much-loved bastions of British culture which are part of our DNA, and we hope that this patronage will not only see the cash tills ringing to support businesses after the harrowing month of Dry January but also hopefully inspire more people to visit independent pubs. The term ‘Use it or lose it’ has never been more pertinent!

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