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Leave the bonhomie of the East London bar behind you, step into our karaoke room, and it’s a whole new world! Grab your mates and hire our private karaoke room for a night.

Space for up to 20 people

There’s no room for shy, retiring wallflowers here, either as you can have 20 people in your private session. It’s time to bring your A-game, the one that sounds awesome in the shower.

Even the music snob in the group will crumble and live the dream for one evening as they drop their guard, swing their hips & give it some serious ‘It’s Not Unusual’.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you can’t hold a tune, just that you can hold your head up with glowing pride during an amazing night singing karaoke.

We’ve got everything you need to have an epic sing-along fit for a birthday, office party, mates’ get-together… apart from the next day throat sweets. That’s down to you.

Over 10,000 songs

Powered by Lucky Voice, we’ve got over 10,000 songs to choose from – covering everything from the latest hits to those power ballad classics. And as there’s room for up to 20 people, you can bring the whole gang. Book a space in the pub when you finish to kick back and have a few jars.

The room is available by the hour:-

  • Sunday to Thursday: £49 per hour (December prices may vary)
  • Friday and Saturday: £69 per hour (December prices may vary)

For more information or to make a booking, call 020 3058 8030 or email [email protected].

Search your Song

If you are new to karaoke and don’t know where to start check out this awesome blog post on the Top 20 Easiest Karaoke Songs To Sing. We can get these loaded straight onto the machine to get you started! Just ask.

Top 20 Songs
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