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Bacchus Sundays restaurant residencies offers traditional Sunday roasts to the discerning East London diner. Bacchus is taking eating back to its roots of unpretentious and friendly service, relaxed surroundings and simply stated menus with honest prices.

Bacchus Sundays has taken their award-winning concept and now occupies weekly Sunday residencies at various locations around London’s East end. The ‘residency’ idea diminishes the idea of a ‘pop-up’ restaurant; Bacchus Sundays is open and here to stay.

The team behind Bacchus Sundays believes that the Sunday roast needs to be savoured and never rushed. They are experts in creating the perfect ambience in which to meet with friends, read the Sunday papers, slurp on a ‘Mug of Mary’ and devour their delicious roasts.

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Sustainability and simplicity is everything to the Bacchus team, when sourcing supplies and creating menus. The foodie team behind the brand has perfected the Sunday roast concept. Beef is cooked for 9.5 hours at 52 degrees to ensure it’s as tender as possible, the team make Yorkshire pudding mix 24 hours in advance to guarantee soft centered big Yorkshire puddings. They have a secret roast potato recipe and gravy is made from scratch with mirepoix and roast meat bones. Steamed, seasonal vegetables perfectly complement each and every dish.

Host your own roast

We cook the food, serve it banquet style, and you host the table, carve the meat and let everyone help themselves. Any cut of meat is available along with all the traditional accompaniments and vegetarian options. Family style meals with no washing up!

Prices start from £16.50 per person. Get in touch with [email protected] or call them on 07964 983732

Want to take our function room and host your roast for the festive season? Get in touch with [email protected] // 020 7458 4480

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