Tuesday 31st December

New Years are usually a pile of overpriced Boris...💩👱‍

Have no fear residents of Bethnal Green and beyond because we've organised a house party of epic proportions!! Turning your regular boozer into a Nostalgic mecca of booze, beds, beer baths and kitchen seshs...

Join us for... NEW YEAR, WHO DIS?

A No Nonsense House party complete with a bar fully stocked with drinks that will take you back in time! Partying like its 1998 into 2020 till 4am!

(Expect WKD blue, Smirnoff ice and Hooch at hand, partying into 2020 with a fingerblast and a blue tongue baby!!)

With draggy trash queens U OK HUN? (timeout, evening standard, mighty hoopla) taking you through time with the absolute best of the music of the last 4 decades!!!! There will be disco balls + echo falls!!

VERY limited tickets grab yours now via the link HERE (£3/£5/£10)