Small plates and sharing

Crispy chuck beef £5
Deep fried Brie (V) £5
Beef & smoked Cheddar croque-monsieur £5
Raclette & ham croque-monsieur £5
Mushrooms, Raclette and truffle honey croque-monsieur (V) £5


Beef bourguignon cheeseburger £8
Grilled beef stew, choose your cheese: Raclette/Blue/Smoked Cheddar, The Patate sauce, lettuce, gravy.
Beef bourguignon double cheeseburger £10
Grilled beef stew, choose your cheese: Raclette/Blue/Smoked Cheddar, The Patate sauce, lettuce, gravy.
Chicken Burger £8
Fried chicken goujon, Brie, caramelized onions, chili sauce, lettuce.
French Garden Burger (V) £7
Roasted wild mushrooms, truffle honey, Raclette, The Patate sauce, lettuce.
Prawns Burger £9
Deep fried prawns, Ossau Irraty (sheep cheese), Patis & chili mayo, samphire, lettuce.
Deep friend confit duck leg £12
Deep fried confit duck, honey-glazed roasted carrots & parsnips, sautéed mushrooms, jus.


French fries £3.5
Cheese & fries £4
Gravy & fries £4
Mixed greens salad £3.5
Honey-glazed roasted carrots & parsnips £3.5

Pack 1

Deep fried brie

Raclette & ham croque-monsieur

Mini Beef bourguignon raclette cheeseburger (10pax)

French fries

Cheese & fries


Pack 2

Deep fried brie

Mushrooms, raclette cheese and truffle honey fries

Mini French garden burger (10pax)

French fries

Cheese & fries


Large plates

Crispy chuck beef

Beef & smoked cheddar croque-monsieur

French fries

Cheese & fries

Gravy & fries

£12 each

Read more about Sunday Roast here.

Scotch Egg £6.50
Burford Brown scotch egg, mustard mayo
Baked Camembert £6.50
In white wine and rosemary
The whole dam farm £20.00
Signature Sunday roast, Sirloin of Angus beef,pressed lamb, slow cooked pork, crackling all the trimmings
Team beef £16.50
9 hour roasted & seared sirloin angus beef
Team lamb £16.00
Slow cooked pressed lamb shoulder
Team pork £15.00
Slow cooked pork belly with crackling
Team chicken £15.00
Corn fed chicken supreme
Team veg £15.00
Vegetarian seed roast, red onion gravy, oil roasted potatoes, trimming and Yorkshire pudding
Cheesy creamed leeks £3.50
Buttered kale £3.50
Sticky toffee pudding £6.00
Lemon meringue cheesecake £6.00
Host your own roast
Select the joint, carve at the table and unlimited supply of trimmings.
£16.50 (£17.50 private room) per person. 9 hour roasted sirloin of beef/Whole corn-fed chicken/Rolled pork belly/Leg of Lamb/Nut and seed roast (v) (Can be ordered individually)(Starters and dessert are an extra £6).
Starters:Quinoa, feta and winter vegetable salad, ham hock terrine, picalilli and toast
Dessert: Apply crumble and custard
Platinum Package (Save £123) £499.00
48 x bottles of Peroni, 4 x bottles of Prosecco, 20 jagerbombs, 2 x bottle of Belenkaya Vodka and mixers
£622 worth of drinks
Gold Package (Save £71) £249.00
24 x bottles of Peroni, 2 x bottles of Prosecco, 10 jagerbombs, 1 x bottle of Belenkaya Vodka and mixers
£310 worth of drinks
Silver Package (Save £41) £149.00
24 x bottles of Peroni, 2 x bottles of Prosecco, 10 jagerbombs
£190 worth of drinks
Bronze Package (Save £16) £75.00
12 bottles of Peroni, 1 x bottle of Prosecco, 5 jagerbombs
£91 worth of drinks

On keg

Camden Hells £4.80
Camden Pale £4.80
Beavertown Neck Oil £5.40
Urban Orchard Cider £4.60
Amstel £4.20
Guinness £4.60
Tiger £4.90
Guest Beer (from local brewers, changes regularly)

On Cask

Truman’s (seasonal) £4.20
Five Points Pale £4.40
Guest Ale (from local brewers, changes regularly)


Peroni £4.00
Sol £4.00
Kronenburg £3.80
Five Points Railway Porter £4.90
Five Points Hook Island Red £4.60
The Kernel Pale Ale £5.40
Redchurch Brewery Shoreditch Blonde £4.80
Koppaberg pear/strawberry/mixed fruit £5.20
Brewdog Hop Fiction £5.00
Purity Lawless lager £4.50
Wyld Wood Organic Cider £5.20
Pressure Drop Pale Fire £6.20


Maisel Weisse (alcohol free beer) £3.50
Fritz Kola £2.70
Juices/sodas from £2

Classic cocktails

All £7.90 or 2 for £10 every Thursday *except

Old Fashioned
Four Roses Bourbon, brown Sugar, Angostura bitters, stirred.
Rye Old Fashioned £9*
Few Rye Whisky, brown Sugar, Angostura bitters, stirred.
*this one’s a bit special
Dark & Stormy
Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, fresh lime, Jamaican ginger beer
Kraken Rum, Kahlua, Guinness
Pisco Sour
Macchu Pisco, fresh lime juice, egg white, sugar syrup
Negroni Batch 2 £9*
ELLC Batch 2 Gin, Campari, Rosso Amaranto Vermouth
Sloe Gin Fizz
Hayman’s Slow Gin, fresh lemon juice, egg white, sugar syrup
Espresso Martini
Fresh coffee, Belenkaya Lux Vodka, Kahlua
Raspberry Bellini
Prosecco & Chambord
The Dude
Belenkaya Lux Vodka, Kahlua & Milk
Aperol Spritz
Aperol, prosecco, soda splash


All £7.90 or 2 for £10 every Thursday

Classic Margarita
Ocho Blanco, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, served straight up with a salt rim
Tommy’s Margarita
1800 Reposado, lime juice, agave syrup
Smokestack Lightning
Tequila Cabeza, Talisker, agave syrup, fresh lime
Patron Silver, fresh grapefruit, fresh lime, agave syrup
Road Runner
Jose Cuervo Reposado, egg white, maple syrup, fresh lemon
El Diablo
El Jimador Reposado, Crème de Cassis, fresh lime juice, topped with ginger beer
Mead Largerita
Classic Margarita made with 1800 Silver, topped with Mead Ho honey beer
Bloody Maria
Ocho Blanco, house Mary mix, Ancho Reyes (Chile liqueur)
Naked & Famous
Quiquiriqui Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, fresh lime

The Patate Kitchen Residency


The Patate‘s signature dish is “The Beef Bourguignon Burger” halfway between traditional and modernity. The beef is slowly cooked in red wine for 3 hours along with fresh vegetables and a mix of spices. Its then warmed up on the hot plate, covered with your choice of melted cheese. Finally served up in a brioche bun and topped off with “Patate sauce”. They also deliver a range of other French inspired street food.

Mon – Fri: 4pm – 10pm
Saturday: 12pm – 10pm
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